Why is there no festival in 2014?

Despite the considerable success of the first two Soundwaves Festivals, reaching estimated audiences, live and broadcast, of more than 68,000 and presenting 75 new works as well as rarely heard contemporary repertoire, raising enough funds to put on a festival of the quality we aim for has proved impossible, not helped by the current extraordinary economic circumstances: some past financial supporters have stopped making grants for the time being.

What will happen in 2015?

We are taking this opportunity to review the format of Soundwaves Festival and will re-launch it in 2015 as a concentrated long-weekend event with a substantial number of free, day-time and open air events. These will complement three major focal performances which will include promenade-like concerts, live art, sound art, electronica, installations and avant-garde DJing.

There will still be a chance to enjoy events before 2010: leading up to next year’s festival there will be club-night events starting this autumn. More details will be made available nearer the time. Provisional indications of support – financial and otherwise are encouraging.

How can I help ensure the future of Soundwaves Festival?

Your support of Soundwaves Festival is vital for its future. You can join the festival as a:

Festival Ambassador: free, but we ask you to undertake to promote Soundwaves Festival to your friends and other contacts and / or offer to help as a volunteer during the festival. Apply now to be an Ambassador.

Friend of Soundwaves Festival: minimum annual donation £20
Patron: minimum annual donation £50.

You can also make a donation, securely, online via the Big Give.

We hope to see you at Soundwaves Festival 2015.
Claudia Molitor
(Festival Director)